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# CodeNews - News App for Developers with CMS

CodeNews is perfect for the ones that want a simple news web app to target either developers or other specific target. The project is mainly created for importing news from different sources and publishing them on the web app. The web app supports importing news from valid RSS and Atom feeds and also from subreddits. The main audience of the web app are developers.

CodeNews website preview CodeNews website preview

With CodeNews you have possibility to import news from different sources, manage the news that appear on the website, manage and customize the news tags, translate the entire web app in how many languages you desire, create static pages, and also the SEO configuration on any page in the website.

CodeNews dashboard preview CodeNews dashboard preview


Website Features

  • modern and responsive design
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • change website language
  • view the latest added news
  • group news by domain name
  • ability to search and to filter news based on tags
  • static about us page
  • contact us page

Admin Features

  • modern and responsive design
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • dashboard with some KPIs
  • create/manage or clear older news
  • fetch/publish/manage or clear news imports from the added sources (ex. /r/webdesign, etc.)
  • cretea or manage tags (ability to configure alot here)
  • create or manage import sources (now only from reddit)
  • create or manage SEO configurations (you can specify the title, description or keyords for every page)
  • create or manage static pages (like about us)
  • create/manage or translate languages
  • create or manage custom texts (you can add custom translations inside your app code)
  • Settings:
    • website email
    • items per page
    • default active language (English)
    • Referral name (
    • Wheter to display ad container or not
    • Insert Google Analytics Code
    • Insert Google reCaptcha on your contact form
    • Logo Text
    • Logo Image
    • Logo custom CSS
    • Favicon
    • Imports - auto publish ads, how many?
    • Delete older news? how many days old?
    • Change email settings Mail or SMTP
    • Ability to change admin login credentials
    • Ability to add your custom social media links in footer


This script requires PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.x.
So your basic requirements are:

  • A MySQL database + MySQL user
  • FTP server to put your files


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